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Statewide Transition Plans

This table provides all available documents related to Statewide Transition Plans (STP), HCBS settings corrective action plans (CAP) for compliance with the settings criteria, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) determinations of heightened scrutiny reviews. The table is updated as states and the CMS submit additional documents. View more information about the STPs and the final Home and Community Based Services(HCBS)regulation.

StateSTP StatusSTP DocumentsHeightened Scrutiny DocumentsHCBS Settings Corrective Action Plans*January 1 Submissions
AlabamaFinal Approval4
AlaskaFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested
ArizonaFinal Approval4 
ArkansasFinal Approval4 
CaliforniaFinal Approval4
ColoradoFinal Approval4 
ConnecticutFinal Approval4 
DelawareFinal Approval4 
District of ColumbiaFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested
FloridaInitial Approval3
GeorgiaFinal Approval4 
HawaiiFinal Approval4 
IdahoFinal Approval4
IllinoisFinal Approval4
IndianaFinal Approval4
IowaFinal Approval4 
KansasFinal Approval4
KentuckyFinal Approval4 
LouisianaFinal Approval4 
MaineFinal Approval4 
MarylandFinal Approval4 
MassachusettsFinal Approval4 
MichiganFinal Approval4 
MinnesotaFinal Approval4
MississippiFinal Approval4 
MissouriFinal Approval4 
MontanaFinal Approval4
NebraskaFinal Approval4 
NevadaFinal Approval4
New HampshireFinal Approval4
New JerseyFinal Approval4 
New MexicoFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested
New YorkFinal Approval4
North CarolinaFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested
North DakotaFinal Approval4
  • No CAP Requested
OhioFinal Approval4
OklahomaFinal Approval4 
OregonFinal Approval4
PennsylvaniaFinal Approval4
Rhode IslandFinal Approval4 
South CarolinaFinal Approval4
South DakotaFinal Approval4 
TennesseeFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested
TexasFinal Approval4
UtahFinal Approval4 
VermontFinal Approval4
VirginiaFinal Approval4 
WashingtonFinal Approval4 
West VirginiaFinal Approval4 
WisconsinFinal Approval4
WyomingFinal Approval4 
  • No CAP Requested

* The proposed CAP is a preliminary plan being evaluated by CMS and is subject to change based on conversations between the state and CMS. Final CAP documents will be updated as available.

  1. Proposed Plan URL: The URL link to the STP the state submitted to CMS.
  2. Clarifications and/or Modifications required for Initial Approval (CMIA): The communication CMS sends to the state notifying the state that public comment, input and summary requirements are met, but CMS has identified issues that must be resolved in the STP prior to initial approval.
  3. Initial Approval with Milestones and a Resubmission Date: The communication CMS sends to the state notifying the state that public comment, input and summary requirements are met, the STP is sufficient, but systemic and/or site-specific assessments are not yet completed.  The response to the state will vary dependent on whether the state has or has not identified settings that are presumed to have institutional characteristics and any information the state may wish CMS to consider under the heightened scrutiny process.  
  4. Final Approval: The communication CMS sends to the state notifying the state that public comment, input and summary requirements are met, the STP has provided all necessary information including but not limited to; systemic assessment, site specific assessment, settings presumed to have institutional characteristics, information regarding heightened scrutiny or the state’s decision to let the presumption stand, and clear remedial steps with milestones are delineated.  
  5. Approved Plan:  The CMS approved STP.