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Quality Improvement

The Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) is working to propel positive change forward to achieve improved maternal and infant health, improved experience of care, and reduced trends in cost through several initiatives.

QI 201 Action Learning Series

The focus of the series was to build Medicaid/CHIP capacity for quality improvement by providing voluntary training and support for teams that want to get started or continue implementing a specific quality improvement (QI) project around maternal and infant health. Teams were guided in implementing rigorous QI projects designed to start producing results within a ten-month timeframe.

Materials from the series include:

Pilot Mobile Health Program: Using mobile technology to reach, educate, and connect pregnant and postpartum Medicaid enrollees

In 2014, CMCS launched a three-year pilot project with four states—California, Louisiana, Ohio and Oklahoma—to assess the effectiveness of engaging pregnant and postpartum Medicaid enrollees in their health care using mobile technology. The first year evaluation report (PDF, 134.7 KB) describes the core intervention—a free text messaging application, and partnerships to support beneficiary outreach.