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Medicaid SPA Processing Tools for States

As part of a strategy to increase transparency, enhance efficiency, and reduce burden for States in the review and approval process of State Plan Amendments, CMS committed to providing a tool kit to assist States in the development of complete submissions, and facilitate quicker adjudication of SPAs. This page provides a collection of existing preprints, templates, checklists and other existing guidance that will be enhanced as more tools are developed.

Tools for All SPAs

Payment SPA Tools

Eligibility and Administration SPA Tools

Premiums and Cost-Sharing SPA Tools

Pharmacy SPA Tools

Home and Community Based Services SPA Tools

Benefits and Coverage SPA Tools

Coverage of Routine Patient Cost in Qualifying Clinical Trials - Consolidated Appropriations Act

Coverage of New Mandatory Benefits Under Section 9811 of the American Rescue Plan (ARP)

Mandatory MAT Tools-SUPPORT Act Section 1006(b)

Alternate Benefit Plan Tools

Other Benefit SPA Tools

Integrated Care SPA Tools (Managed Care, PACE and Health Homes)