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Improving Asthma Control Learning Collaborative

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched the Improving Asthma Control Learning Collaborative or "Learning Collaborative" to support state Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) agencies’ efforts to improve health outcomes among beneficiaries with asthma.

Through the Learning Collaborative, state Medicaid and CHIP agencies and their partners will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of evidence-based asthma interventions and Medicaid- and CHIP-coverable services, improve their ability to conduct quality improvement (QI) projects related to asthma outcomes, and engage in state-to-state learning.

The Learning Collaborative has two components: a webinar series beginning in October 2019 and an affinity group beginning in March 2020. The webinar series will include presentations from experts in the field as well as tools that states can use to drive improvement in asthma control and outcomes. States interested in taking action on the concepts and tools introduced through the webinar series will have the opportunity to participate in an action-oriented affinity group, which will support states in designing and implementing QI projects in their state.

Affinity Group

States interested in taking action on the concepts and tools discussed during the webinar series (see below) will have the opportunity to join the affinity group beginning in March 2020. The affinity group will support states as they identify, implement, and scale asthma initiatives. This opportunity is open to state Medicaid agencies with a range of experience in developing strategies and approaches to improve asthma control. State Medicaid agencies are encouraged to include staff from Medicaid managed care plans, providers, the state’s department of health, and other public health entities and relevant partners, such as the department of education and school systems, as part of the affinity group team.

Please contact the Technical Assistance Mailbox at MACQualityImprovement@mathematica-mpr.com if you have any questions about this opportunity.

Webinar Series

All interested state Medicaid, CHIP and public health staff and their health plan and hospital partners are encouraged to view and listen to the webinar series materials.

Webinar #1: "The Role of Medicaid and CHIP in Improving Asthma Control"
October 22, 2019

This webinar provides an introduction to the Learning Collaborative and an overview of the evidence on what works to improve asthma control with a focus on Medicaid and CHIP populations. Dr. Joy Hsu, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), highlights six effective clinical and community-based strategies for improving asthma control and outcomes (summarized by the acronym EXHALE). Natasha Reese-McLaughlin, from Mathematica, presents a sample driver diagram that demonstrates where Medicaid and CHIP programs can influence improvements in the delivery of comprehensive asthma care to improve outcomes.

Webinar #2: "Using Data to Improve Asthma Control: Asthma Quality Measures"
November 21, 2019

This webinar focuses on how states can use asthma quality measures and other data to drive asthma quality improvement activities. Presenters identify measures related to key drivers of asthma control, demonstrate how states can use data to identify target project areas, and participate in a discussion on the various uses of asthma quality measures including quality improvement, performance monitoring, and public health surveillance.

Webinar #3: "Models of Asthma Care: Successful State Case Studies"
December 19, 2019

This webinar highlights the evidence-based strategies states can implement to improve asthma management and help beneficiaries identify, mitigate, and manage asthma triggers. State presenters from Missouri, Maryland and California describe their asthma improvement initiatives, share data on outcomes, and engage in a discussion about the challenges they faced and lessons learned through the implementation process.

Webinar #4: "Improving Asthma Control Affinity Group Q&A"
January 23, 2020

The final webinar serves as an introduction to the “Improving Asthma Control” affinity group. Mathematica, CMCS’s technical assistance provider, outlines the structure for the affinity group, which will include small group workshops and individualized technical assistance calls. Mathematica presents the Expression of Interest (EOI) requirements and the expected commitment from each participating state team. At the end of the webinar, states have the opportunity to raise questions about the affinity group. (The affinity group Fact Sheet and EOI are posted above.)