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New/Reinstated & Terminated Labeler Information

The information below identifies new/reinstated & terminated labelers. This page will be updated as new information is available so please check back often.

For definitions of optional and mandatory effective dates, please see the Medicaid National Drug Rebate Agreement (NDRA). Additionally, the Drug Manufacturer Contact Information contains Optional Effective Date, Termination Date (if applicable), and Legal, Invoice and Technical Contact information for each drug company participating in the MDRP. 

New/Reinstated Labelers

Labeler CodeLabeler NameOptional Effective Date (for State Coverage)Mandatory Effective Date (for State Coverage)
83368OYSTER POINT PHARMA, INC.04/18/202407/01/2024
72990CORMEDIX, INC.04/17/202407/01/2024
83634AVENACY INC.04/16/202407/01/2024
82576MADRIGAL PHARMACEUTICALS INC.04/10/202407/01/2024
71511ATHENA BIOSCIENCE LLC03/28/202407/01/2024
75907DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES, INC.03/14/202407/01/2024
82644PHARMAKA GENERICS INC.02/27/202407/01/2024
83148THE J. MOLNER COMPANY LLC01/26/202404/01/2024
74157INA PHARMACEUTICS INC.01/24/202404/01/2024
25357GLAUKOS CORPORATION01/24/202404/01/2024
80789PYROS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.01/24/202404/01/2024
82448SPRINGWORKS THERAPEUTICS, INC.12/18/202304/01/2024
81520PHATHOM PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.12/06/202304/01/2024

Terminated Labelers

Labeler CodeLabeler NameEffective Date

For questions, please contact MDRP Operations at MDROperations@cms.hhs.gov.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this web page does not bind or obligate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The statements included on this web page are intended to provide information on New/Reinstated & Terminated Labelers and do not in any way revise or modify the requirements set forth in Section 1927 of the Act, the national drug rebate agreement (NDRA), subsequent program releases, or regulations.

Page last updated on April 19, 2024