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Consumer Price Index Urban Value

This consumer price index urban (CPI-U) value is used as an integral part of the computation of the unit rebate amounts for innovator drugs.  It is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and it shows every value from 1913 to the present.  The regulations at 42 CFR 411.357(k) and (m) set forth exceptions to the physician self-referral law for certain non-monetary compensation and certain medical staff incidental benefits, respectively.  Under both exceptions, the compensation limits are adjusted each calendar year to the nearest whole dollar by the increase in the CPI-U for the 12-month period ending the preceding September 30.

The following table displays the compensation limits for each calendar year.

Update Amounts for Calendar Years
Calendar Year Non-monetary compensation limit in accordance with §411.357(k) Medical staff incidental benefit in accordance with §411.357(m)(5) Percentage Change in the CPI-U
CY 2011 $359 Less than $30 +1.1%
CY 2012 $373 Less than $31 +3.9%
CY 2013 $380 Less than $32 +2.0%
CY 2014 $385 Less than $32 +1.2%
CY 2015 $392 Less than $33 +1.7%
CY 2016 $392 Less than $33 +0.0%
CY 2017 $398 Less than $33 +1.5%
CY 2018 $407 Less than $34 +2.2%
CY 2019 $416 Less than $35 +2.3%
CY2020 $423 Less than $36 +1.7%
CY2021 $429 Less than $37 +1.4%

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Page last updated on January 22, 2021