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Drug Utilization Review Annual Report

On an annual basis, states are required to report on their practitioners prescribing habits, cost savings generated from their Drug Utilization Review (DUR) programs and their program’s operations, including adoption of new innovative DUR practices via the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Annual Report Survey. Please visit the Drug Utilization Review page for more information.

For an overview of Medicaid Prescription Drug Programs visit the Prescription Drugs page.

National State Comparison/Summary Report

Year Type Title
2019 FFS State Comparison Report (PDF, 23.15 MB)
2019 MCO State Comparison Report (PDF, 8.5 MB)
2018 FFS State Comparison Report (PDF, 4.02 MB)
2018 MCO State Comparison Report (PDF, 4.61 MB)
2017 FFS State Comparison Report (PDF, 1.03 MB)
2016 FFS State Comparison/Summary Report (PDF, 830.38 KB)
2015 FFS State Comparison/Summary Report (PDF, 841.05 KB)
2014 FFS State Comparison/Summary Report (PDF, 1.22 MB)
2013 FFS State Comparison/Summary Report (PDF, 702.18 KB)
2012 FFS State Comparison/Summary Report (PDF, 337.68 KB)

State FFS Individual Reports

To request 2017 FFS state reports and attachments, including attachments related to the state reports in the table below, please contact the DUR resource mailbox, CMSDUR@cms.hhs.gov.

Year State Full Name Title
Year State Full Name Title

42 CFR Subpart K – Drug Use Review (DUR) Program and Electronic Claims Management System for Outpatient Drug Claims Section 456.700-456.725 provides the requirements for the DUR program. 

Please direct all communications to the CMSDUR@cms.hhs.gov resource mailbox.