Supporting Enrollment Efforts

To help support outreach and enrollment efforts, the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) is offering a set of Medicaid Fact Sheets that are aimed at helping consumers understand the basics:  

  • Who is eligible for Medicaid and CHIP? 
  • What benefits do the programs provide?  
  • How can individuals enroll?

These fact sheets feature a variety of images and are available in English and Spanish. One set of fact sheets are tailored for states that have expanded Medicaid (green background) and another set for states that have not expanded (blue back ground). We also are offering materials for use in American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities, where it is important to discuss specific protections for applicants and beneficiaries.  

To help ensure the fact sheets will be as useful as possible, we are also offering to customize the materials with local phone numbers, logos and other information. (Please note: We will customize the design of the fact sheets, but we are unable to supply printed copies.)  To assist you in making your request for localized materials, we are providing a customization guide for the general fact sheets. Below you will find links to all the fact sheets, along with the product numbers you will need if you would like the item to be customized. You may, of course, download and print any of these fact sheets for use without customization.

We hope you find these fact sheets helpful. Let us know how you're using them and if you have any questions or suggestions at

For States Expanding Medicaid

For Non-Expansion States

For Groups Working with American Indian/Alaska Native Populations

Explore flyers, fact sheets, public service announcements, and videos explaining special benefits for American Indians and Alaka Natives with Medicaid and CHIP.