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Enrollment Report

The Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Report provides plan-specific enrollment statistics on Medicaid managed care programs. The managed care enrollment report includes statistics, in point-in-time counts, on enrollees receiving comprehensive and limited benefits.

Plan-specific data include:

  • Plan name
  • Managed care entity
  • Reimbursement arrangement
  • Operating authority
  • Geographic area served
  • Number of enrollees by plan
  • Dual Eligible by plan

The report also provides:

  • National-level summary tables relating to trends
  • Breakout of managed care entities
  • Managed care enrollment by state
  • Regional breakout
  • States with comprehensive health care reform demonstrations

The Medicaid managed care statistical data include comprehensive national, state, and plan levels that provide an overview of states’ enrollment in managed care.

How to Access the Files

This page provides links to Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Report data on Data.Medicaid.gov, where you can filter, sort, share, and download the data. To download data as an Excel file, first follow the links on this page to navigate to your dataset. Select the “Export” button in the top right of the data, then select “CSV for Excel” from the download list.

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