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Medicaid IAP Launches Two New Technical Support Opportunities for States

Through the Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP), we have been working directly with 28 states to improve the health and health care for Medicaid beneficiaries by supporting ongoing efforts related to delivery system reforms. In addition to working with states across our program priority areas, IAP also provides targeted technical support and tools to states in four functional areas: data analytics; quality measurement; performance improvement; and payment modeling and financial simulations. In direct response to states’ needs and interest in building capacity to moving towards Medicaid delivery system reform, we are pleased to launch two new technical support opportunities for Medicaid agencies:

  1. Data Analytics: Support for states seeking to design, develop, and/or implement data analytic strategies related to their Medicaid programs’ delivery system reform efforts. 
    • Informational webinar: December 8, 2016, 3:00PM-4:00PM ET.
  2. Payment Modeling and Financial Simulations: Support for states seeking to design, develop and/or implement Value-Based Payment approaches (i.e. payment models that range from rewarding for performance in fee-for-service to capitation, including alternative payment models and comprehensive population-based payments) within and beyond the four IAP program priority areas.
    • Informational webinar: December 15, 2016, 2:00PM-3:00PM ET.

Both of these technical support opportunities are designed to meet selected states’ individual needs around a menu of support options. For example, under the data analytic opportunity, states can access support across a wide range of topics, such as developing an analytic plan; designing an approach to integrate non-Medicare datasets with Medicaid data; and/or interpreting statistical output. Under the payment modeling and financial simulations opportunity, assistance is available for states that have interest in a variety of Value-Based Payment activities, ranging from strategic design support to assistance with developing and/or implementing Value-Based Payment approaches in Medicaid. Further, if a state seeks to pursue a particular Value-Based Payment approach, IAP may be able to provide the state with technical support to conduct financial simulations and forecasts that analyze the financial impact of these payment strategies.

We encourage all states that are interested in learning more about these IAP opportunities to join the December informational webinars. During these webinars, we will introduce states to the respective IAP opportunity, provide an explanation of the state selection process, and answer questions that states may raise. Webinar participants will also learn about the types of individualized support IAP can provide to states to address their data analytic and payment modeling/financial simulation needs.

We are excited to offer our state partners these two program support opportunities which are designed to meet states’ requests for one-on-one technical support. For more information about these opportunities, including program overviews and expression of interest forms, we encourage you to check the Medicaid IAP webpage in the next coming weeks.

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Karen LLanos, Director, Medicaid IAP
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