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Request Health Home Planning Funds

Funds are available to assist state Medicaid agencies in planning health home programs under Section 2703 of the Affordable Care Act.

Interested States should submit a Letter of Request of no more than two pages describing their health home planning activities, with an estimated budget request.  The following categories would be considered by CMS as appropriate planning activities:

  • Hiring of personnel or contractors to determine feasibility and develop the health home program;
  • Outreach initiatives to obtain consumer and provider feedback;
  • Training and consultation related to designing components of any provisions of the SPA;
  • Development of systems for reporting and other infrastructure building tasks; and
  • Travel to accomplish such activities.

Once the Letter of Request is approved, CMS will authorize up to $500,000 of title XIX funding for planning activities related to the development of a SPA. If a State believes that it will require in excess of $500,000 for this planning opportunity, it needs to send additional justification beyond the two-page Letter of Request and estimated budget to CMS for review and approval.  A State must report its approved planning activities and subsequent expenditures on a separate expenditure line on the CMS-64.10.

Letters of request should be sent via email to healthhomes@cms.hhs.gov

Source: CMS State Medicaid Director Letter # 10-024, dated November 16, 2010.