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Health Home Technical Assistance Learning Forums

In addition to one-on-one technical assistance, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) offers collaborative learning forums for states that are pursuing health homes for Medicaid beneficiaries with chronic conditions. 

The Exploring Medicaid Health Homes Webinar Series provides a forum for states to share health home models, elements of their state plan amendments, and successes/challenges in their development processes. Webinar content and format vary throughout the series, with the goal of disseminating existing knowledge useful to health home planning.

Webinar Resources

  • Designing Tailored Behavioral Health Homes for Adults and Children: Approaches from New Jersey and Oklahoma (CMS/August 2015) Focuses on New Jersey and Oklahoma’s approaches to designing health homes for adults with serious mental illness versus children with serious emotional disturbance, including considerations for a statewide versus regional roll-out
  • Tailoring Health Homes to Individuals with Opioid Dependency: A Multi- State Discussion (CMS/January 2015) Shares insights from Rhode Island and Vermont on the development of Medicaid health homes models for individuals with opioid dependency
  • Managed Care Plans as the Health Home Lead Entity: The Kansas Model (CMS/November 2014) Focuses on Kansas’ use of managed care plans as the health home lead entity and its health home provider education activities.
  • Developing an HIV/AIDS Health Home: The Wisconsin Model (CMS/October 2014) Describes how Wisconsin designed its HIV/AIDS health home model and shares insights on designing the benefit, working with stakeholders, and implementing the model. 
  • Exploring Medicaid Health Homes Health Homes for Enrollees with Chronic Conditions and Serious Mental Illness: The South Dakota Model (CMS/March 2014) Describes how South Dakota developed its Medicaid health homes model.
  • Developing Health Homes for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance: Considerations and Opportunities (CMS/February 2014) Highlights health home opportunities for children with Serious Emotional Disturbance and considerations for states developing models for this population.
  • Leveraging Care Coordination Organizations in Medicaid Health Homes: The Washington Way (CMS/September 2013) Describes how Washington State is building upon care coordination organizations and coordinating with its financial alignment demonstration for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees to create its health home model.  
  • Medicaid Health Home Implementation in Missouri: A Year Later (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration/June 2013) Shares outcomes achieved in the state's first year of health home implementation.
  • Medical Home Collaborative as a Building Block for Medicaid Health Homes: The Idaho Experience (CMS/June 2013) Highlights Idaho’s use of its medical home collaborative as a building block for health homes, and its focus on mental health conditions, diabetes, and asthma.
  • Building upon Regional Care Networks for Medicaid Health Homes (CMS/May 2013) Explains Alabama’s use of its Patient Care Networks to build its Medicaid health home program and describes the program structure and approach.
  • The Collaborative Care Model: An Approach for Integrating Physical and Mental Health in Medicaid Health Homes (CMS/January 2013) This Exploring Health Homes Webinar profiled the Collaborative Care Model, one evidence-based approach to physical-mental health integration for states to consider in developing Medicaid health homes. Speakers included Dr. Jürgen Unützer, the developer and lead researcher behind the Collaborative Care Model, as well a panel of stakeholders with experience implementing this model. The webinar highlighted details of the model, shared evidence documenting its effectiveness, and detailed how it operates from the perspective of primary care providers, mental health providers, and payers.
  • Ohio’s Health Home Model for Beneficiaries with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness: A Regional Rollout (CMS/November 2012) Describes Ohio's approach to service delivery, reimbursement, and quality measurement.  
  • Leveraging State Pilot Experience in Health Home Programs (CMS/August 2012) Outlines Iowa’s health homes approach and design and implementation issues.  
  • Leveraging Health Plans in Medicaid Health Home Programs (CMS/April 2012) Examines options for operating health homes in a capitated managed care environment. 
  • New York: Transforming Care Delivery via Health Homes for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Chronic Conditions (CMS/March 2012) Examines New York’s health home approach, including program design components and details of the phased-in implementation.  
  • Building on Existing Infrastructure (CMS/February 2012) Examines Rhode Island’s two health home models and describes approaches to determining health home population criteria.   
  • Initial Models for Health Homes Program Development (CMS/November 2011) Describes Missouri’s and Oregon’s health home models and state plan amendment development processes.