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Medicaid Housing-Related Services and Partnerships

The Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program (IAP) supported three cohorts of the State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships from 2016 through 2019.  In 2016, IAP also ran a webinar series for Medicaid agencies focused on Supporting Housing Tenancy. To support states interested in learning more, IAP released a six-part housing partnership toolkit and hosted related learning webinars.

Technical Assistance

  • Track 1: Supporting Housing Tenancy: This track, which ran from February 2016 through April 2016, focused on providing states with innovative strategies that are being used, or which could be used by states to support housing tenancy services for community-based LTSS Medicaid beneficiaries. Thirty-one state Medicaid agencies participated in this webinar series:
  • Track 2: State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships: The goals of the State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships Track were to: 1. develop public and private partnerships between the Medicaid and housing systems; and 2. to support states in the creation of detailed action plans that foster additional community living opportunities for Medicaid beneficiaries. IAP worked closely with its federal partners: the US Department of Housing and Urban Development; the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation; and the US Interagency Council on Homelessness on planning and coordination of this technical assistance. IAP leveraged its collaboration with federal agencies to promote partnerships between state Medicaid agencies, state housing finance agencies, public housing agencies, state and local service agencies, and providers. Consistent with statute, CMS does not provide Federal Financial Participation for room and board in home and community-based services.

State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships Toolkit

This IAP State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships Toolkit is designed to assist states as they consider systems-level changes that further community integration, including the intersection between health care and housing. This toolkit is based on the tools used to provide technical assistance to states that participated in the IAP State Medicaid-Housing Agency Partnerships Tracks.

The toolkit includes resources for states’ use such as:

  • The driver diagram articulates the high-level plan for systems change.
  • The housing-related services crosswalk maps out programmatic and funding information for currently available housing-related services.
  • The housing assessment maps out programmatic and funding information for currently available affordable housing resources and helps identify opportunities to improve capacity.
  • The glossary defines key terms in housing and Medicaid to help partners understand each other’s language.

Learning Webinars