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Functional Areas

As part of the Innovation Accelerator Programs (IAP) efforts to support ongoing Medicaid delivery system reforms (DSR), targeted technical support and tools are offered to states in four functional areas: Data Analytics, Quality Measurement, Performance Improvement, and Value-Based Payment and Financial Simulations. This targeted support represents an opportunity for states to build their capacity in key delivery system reform levers. A goal of the IAP is to purposefully integrate the functional areas across each of the four program areas (Reducing Substance Use DisordersBeneficiaries with Complex NeedsCommunity Integration – Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS), and Physical and Mental Health Integration). Separate technical support opportunities under each of the functional areas are also underway.

Data Analytics

IAP is working with Medicaid agencies to build or enhance their data analytic capacity to support delivery system reform efforts through the following activities:

  • Targeted data analytic technical support to states.
  • Medicare-Medicaid Data Integration (MMDI) technical support.
  • IAP-specific data analytic tools.

To learn more about these opportunities, visit the IAP Functional Support webpage on Data Analytics.

Value-Based Payment and Financial Simulations

IAP is offering Medicaid agencies support in the following areas:

  • Value-Based Payment and Financial Simulations
  • Maternal and Infant Health Payment Modeling
  • Children’s Oral Health Payment Modeling

To learn more about these opportunities, visit IAP Functional Support on Value-Based Payment and Financial Simulations page.

Quality Measurement

Opportunities under this functional area will complement existing Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) measurement related efforts (example,  CMS Quality Strategy and Medicaid Adult Core Set). Examples of support to states under this functional area include:

  • A three-part measure development contract led by IAP, the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office, and CMCS’s Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group. Over the course of three years, the IAP developed or refined approximately 12 measures in key gaps areas across the IAP’s four program areas.
  • Developing quality measurement tools and resources.

To learn more about these opportunities, visit the IAP Quality Measurement page.

Performance Improvement

Most states participating in the IAP program and functional areas receive performance improvement training and support. This work focuses on the creation and use of driver diagrams to help states set goals and determine the aims and “drivers” of change.

The Medicaid IAP also makes available web-based training on performance improvement techniques to all interested Medicaid agency state staff.