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North Dakota Waiver Factsheet

Provides case management, respite, hospice, skilled nursing, bereavement counseling, equipment and supplies, expressive therapy, palliative for medically fragile individuals ages 0 – 21

Provides respite, service management, and assistive technology for individuals with autism ages 0 - 13yrs

Provides adult day care, adult residential care, case management, homemaker, residential habilitation, respite care, supported employment, adult foster care, chore, community support service, community transition services, companionship service, emergency response, environmental modification, extended personal care, family personal care, home delivered meals, non-medical transportation, specialized equipment & supplies, supervision, transitional living for individuals who are aged 65 – no max age, disabled-physical ages 18-64, and disabled-other ages 18-64 yrs.

Provides institutional respite, program management or case management, dietary supplements, environmental mods, equipment and supplies, in-home supports, individual and family counseling, transportation for medically fragile individuals ages 3-17

Provides case management, attendant care, non-medical transportation, specialized equipment and supplies to individuals who are technology dependent ages 18 - no max age

Provides day habilitation, homemaker, independent habilitation, individual employment support, prevocational services, residential habilitation, extended home health care, adult foster care, behavioral consultation, community transition services, environmental modifications, equipment and supplies, family care option, in-home supports, infant development, parenting support, small group employment support for individual with ID/DD ages 0 - no max age