Delaware Waiver Factsheet

DE AIDS/HIV Related Diseases (4159.R04.00)

WAIVER TERMINATED 3/30/12 - Provides case management, personal care, respite, mental health services, nutritional support for individuals w/HIV/AIDS ages 1 - no max age

DE DDDS Lifespan Waiver (0009.R07.00)

Provides day habilitation, personal care, prevocational services, residential habilitation, respite, supported employment – individual, supported employment - small group, assistive technology for individuals not otherwise covered by Medicaid, clinical consultation: behavioral, clinical consultation: nursing, community transition, home or vehicle accessibility adaptations, specialized medical equipment and supplies not otherwise covered by Medicaid, supported living for individuals w/autism and ID ages 12 - no max age

DE Elderly and Disabled (0136.R05.00)

WAIVER TERMINATED 3/30/12 - Provides adult day services, day hab, personal care, respite, assisted living, cognitive services, PERS, specialized medical equipment and supplies for aged individuals 65 - no max age and physically disabled individuals ages 18-64