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Wisconsin BadgerCare

State: Wisconsin
Waiver Authority:
Status: Expired

Waiver Dates

Approval: 01/22/1999
Effective: 07/01/1999
Expiration: 03/30/2014

Supporting Documents

Approved Application(s) and Related Documents

Date Title
Date 01/22/1999 Title Fact Sheet (PDF, 71.94 KB)

Administrative Record

Date Title
Date 12/30/2013 Title State Phase-out and Transition Approval (12/30/2013) (PDF, 491.96 KB)
Date 12/28/2012 Title Letter of Intent to Request Extension (12/28/12) (PDF, 43.51 KB)
Date 05/27/2012 Title Thank You Letter Regarding Approval of Amendment Request (05/27/12) (PDF, 36.49 KB)
Date 04/27/2012 Title CMS Amendment Approval (4/27/2012) (PDF, 430.39 KB)
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