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Child Core Set Reporting Resources

How States Voluntarily Report Child Core Set Measures

States can voluntarily report the 2021 Child Core Set measures (PDF, 213.52 KB) by using the 2021 Technical Specifications and Resource Manual (PDF, 1.43 MB). A summary of updates (PDF, 48.38 KB) to the child core set technical specifications and resource manual for federal fiscal year (FFY) 2021 is also available.

Additional Reporting Resources

Archived Reporting Resources

For the 2020 technical specifications and value set directories, please email MACQualityTA@cms.hhs.gov.

Technical Assistance and Analytic Support Program

CMS is committed to supporting states’ efforts to measure and improve the quality of health care for children and adults enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP. To increase the number of states consistently collecting, reporting, and using the Child Core Set measures, CMS established the Technical Assistance and Analytic Support (TA/AS) Program to support states’ child health care quality measurement and improvement efforts.

The overarching goals are to increase the number of states consistently collecting and uniformly reporting the voluntary core measures set, and to help states understand how to use these data to improve the quality of care for children. As part of the technical assistance effort, CMS will share promising practices for collecting the core measures with states. For more information, see the TA/AS Program fact sheet (PDF, 290.5 KB). 

Send your questions or requests for technical assistance related to the Child Core Set or quality improvement initiatives to MACqualityTA@cms.hhs.gov.

Technical Assistance Webinars

Additional Technical Assistance Resources

Quality Improvement Workshop Series