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Performance Indicator Technical Assistance

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) relies on states to submit monthly data on key processes related to eligibility and enrollment to construct the Performance Indicators monthly reports on state Medicaid and CHIP agency activity. This page includes resources to assist states with monthly performance indicator data submissions to CMS. Resources include a data dictionary describing the performance indicators, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), training modules describing the performance indicator project and how the indicators relate to each other, and a set of instructions for states on how to submit data.

 (Updated October 16, 2015) - Introductory information for orienting new staff to the performance indicator data collection initiative.

(Updated on November 16, 2015) (ZIP 1.1 MB) - Information specific to each marketplace type explaining how the indicators relate to one another and how data should be reported for each indicator.

Sample Household Document (PDF, 255.87 KB)
 (Updated on October 16, 2015) (PDF 255.87 KB) - Instructions for reporting performance indicator data for three example households.

 (Updated on May 20, 2014) (PDF 364.66 KB) - Defines the terminology used in the performance indicators, which has been updated to reflect clarifications provided to states through webinars, technical clarification documents ("Qs and As") and technical assistance provided to states via email and conference calls.

 (Updated on May 20, 2014) (PDF 505.59 KB) - Compiles state questions and CMS answers regarding the Medicaid and CHIP performance indicators.  New questions and answers are identified by the symbol, " * ". This document will be periodically updated as we receive questions from states and need to issue additional clarifications.

 (Updated on May 20, 2014) (PDF 520.59 KB) - Lists all of the Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility and Enrollment Performance Indicators and Sub-Indicators.

Indicator Name Crosswalk (ZIP, 16.16 KB)
 - Crosswalks the Performance Indicator names against the technical field name in DKAN.

 - Instructions for states on how to upload, update, and submit Performance Indicator data to CMS via the Socrata system

https://sdis.medicaid.gov/user/login – Link for state reporting

If you are staff in a state that is responsible for submitting performance indicator data and you have questions, please contact PerformanceindicatorsTA@cms.hhs.gov.