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EVV Compliance Status for Home Health Care Services by State or Territory

This table lists each state or territory’s compliance status with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements as of January 1, 2024 for home health care services. States and territories were required to self-report their EVV implementation status using a web-based survey, which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) used to determine compliance with the EVV requirements included in Section 12006(a) of the 21st Century Cures Act. The table indicates whether each state or territory reported it was fully compliant, partially compliant, or not compliant with EVV requirements as of January 1, 2024. The table also includes the date the state or territory reported it had achieved full compliance, if applicable, and links to download copies of the compliance determination letters that CMS issued to each state or territory.

StateCompliance StatusDate of Full ComplianceCompliance Determination Letter(s)
AlabamaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
AlaskaCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
ArizonaCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
CaliforniaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20241/8/2024
ColoradoCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
ConnecticutCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/1/2023
DelawareCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/202311/2/2023
District of ColumbiaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/29/2024
FloridaCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
HawaiiCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
IdahoCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
IllinoisCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
IndianaCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/202412/12/2023
IowaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/1/2024
KansasCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20241/8/2024
KentuckyCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
LouisianaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20241/8/2024
MaineCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
MarylandCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
MinnesotaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
MissouriCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
MontanaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202411/2/2023
NebraskaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/1/2024
NevadaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/1/2024
New HampshireCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
New JerseyCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20233/8/2023
New MexicoCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
New YorkCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
North CarolinaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/1/2024
North Dakota   
OhioCompliant as of 1/1/231/1/20232/15/2023
OregonCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
PennsylvaniaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20241/8/2024
Rhode IslandCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
South CarolinaNon-CompliantNA12/29/2023
South DakotaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
TennesseeCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
TexasCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/29/2023
UtahCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20241/8/2024
VermontCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
VirginiaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/19/2023
WashingtonCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/11/2023
West VirginiaCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/20242/27/2024
WisconsinCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/11/2023
WyomingCompliant as of 1/1/241/1/202412/29/2023
American SamoaNot Applicable – No HHCS ProvidedNA 
Mariana IslandsNot ApplicableNA 
Puerto RicoNot Applicable – No HHCS ProvidedNA 
The U.S. Virgin IslandsNon-CompliantNA12/20/2023