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MAGI Conversion Plans and Results

CMS provided states with a template for completing their “MAGI Conversion Plans” that are designed to reflect the MAGI-based eligibility standards that are used to determine Medicaid and CHIP eligibility. The MAGI-conversion process involved a translation of pre-2014 net income eligibility standards into MAGI-based eligibility standards. Moving to MAGI replaced income disregards with simpler, more universal income eligibility rules that are generally aligned with the rules that are used to determine eligibility for the premium tax credits in the Marketplace. To complete the transformation to MAGI, states needed to “convert” their net-income based eligibility standards to MAGI-based standards.

View available state's MAGI Conversion Plan and Results in the table below:

State MAGI Conversion Plan MAGI Conversion Results
Alabama Unavailable Available (PDF, 27.36 KB)
Alaska Available (PDF, 496.43 KB) Unavailable
Arizona Available (PDF, 688.99 KB) Unavailable
Arkansas Available (PDF, 182.73 KB) Available (PDF, 182.73 KB)
California Available (PDF, 120.31 KB) Available (PDF, 25.69 KB)
Colorado Available (PDF, 91.33 KB) Available (PDF, 24.22 KB)
Connecticut Available (PDF, 238.75 KB) Available (PDF, 28.32 KB)
Delaware Available (PDF, 120.5 KB) Available (PDF, 187.27 KB)
District of Columbia Available (PDF, 91.18 KB) Available (PDF, 16.55 KB)
Florida Available (PDF, 237.75 KB) Available (PDF, 22.02 KB)
Georgia Available (PDF, 53.1 KB) Available (PDF, 33.23 KB)
Hawaii Available (PDF, 95.84 KB) Available (PDF, 21.17 KB)
Idaho Available (PDF, 162.44 KB) Available (PDF, 71.75 KB)
Illinois Available (PDF, 237.79 KB) Available (PDF, 247.81 KB)
Indiana Available (PDF, 718.21 KB) Unavailable
Iowa Available (PDF, 237.78 KB) Available (PDF, 196.29 KB)
Kansas Available (PDF, 243.5 KB) Available (PDF, 231.37 KB)
Kentucky Available (PDF, 237.75 KB) Available (PDF, 14.49 KB)
Louisiana Available (PDF, 2.29 MB) Available (PDF, 179.76 KB)
Maine Available (PDF, 245.14 KB) Unavailable
Maryland Available (PDF, 719.79 KB) Unavailable
Michigan Available (PDF, 237.23 KB) Available (PDF, 192.4 KB)
Minnesota Available (PDF, 233.16 KB) Unavailable
Mississippi Available (PDF, 248.75 KB) Unavailable
Missouri Available (PDF, 791.69 KB) Unavailable
Montana Available (PDF, 237.12 KB) Available (PDF, 9.58 KB)
Nebraska Available (PDF, 272.75 KB) Unavailable
Nevada Available (PDF, 818.36 KB) Unavailable
New Hampshire Available (PDF, 59.53 KB) Available (PDF, 22.51 KB)
New Jersey Available (PDF, 247.05 KB) Available (PDF, 15.52 KB)
New Mexico Available (PDF, 252.64 KB) Unavailable
New York Available (PDF, 68.79 KB) Available (PDF, 17.01 KB)
North Carolina Available (PDF, 119.34 KB) Available (PDF, 182.01 KB)
North Dakota Available (PDF, 237.56 KB) Available (PDF, 44.5 KB)
Ohio Available (PDF, 327.56 KB) Unavailable
Oklahoma Available (PDF, 91.28 KB) Available (PDF, 24.33 KB)
Oregon Available (PDF, 238.13 KB) Available (PDF, 12.14 KB)
Pennsylvania Available (PDF, 225.88 KB) Available (PDF, 197.64 KB)
Rhode Island Available (PDF, 237.25 KB) Available (PDF, 24.93 KB)
South Carolina Available (PDF, 276.75 KB) Unavailable
South Dakota Available (PDF, 109.28 KB) Available (PDF, 42.32 KB)
Tennessee Available (PDF, 93.05 KB) Available (PDF, 35.75 KB)
Texas Unavailable Available (PDF, 200.89 KB)
Utah Available (PDF, 245.41 KB) Available (PDF, 92.43 KB)
Vermont Available (PDF, 91.19 KB) Available (PDF, 10.34 KB)
Virginia Available (PDF, 237.05 KB) Available (PDF, 50.95 KB)
Washington Available (PDF, 728.94 KB) Unavailable
West Virginia Available (PDF, 111.39 KB) Available (PDF, 16.31 KB)
Wisconsin Available (PDF, 360.14 KB) Unavailable
Wyoming Available (PDF, 237.54 KB) Available (PDF, 22.72 KB)