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T-MSIS Data Guide

The T-MSIS data set contains:

  • Beneficiary eligibility & enrollment data.
  • Utilization & cost data.
  • Payment data.
  • Provider participation, qualifications & affiliations.
  • Service delivery network and managed care plan data about plan level participation.
  • Data on the degree to which third party liabilities (e.g. insurance carrier level data) offset the cost of covered benefits provided to Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.

Using our interactive tool, the DataGuide, users can easily traverse the T-MSIS Data Dictionary through a modern web interface.

The T-MSIS Data Dictionary provides the requirements for States to correctly map State system data to T-MSIS record layouts in order to accurately send Medicaid and CHIP data to CMS via monthly file submissions. In conjunction with the T-MSIS Coding Blog, the data dictionary provides documentation for effective file submissions.

Beyond data dictionary information, the DataGuide also includes data quality definitions for our validation rules and inferential measures.

Click here to access the DataGuide.