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MACBIS Financial

Medicaid Budget & Expenditure System (MBES)

Currently state expenditures are tracked through the Medicaid Budget and Expenditure System (MBES).  CMS is planning for the migration of the MBES to a newly redesigned MACBIS Financial system in the near future. 

The MBES is a web-based application the Medicaid and CHIP state agencies use to enter and report budgeted and actual expenditures for Medicaid and CHIP for each fiscal period in addition to the actual quarterly expenditures that occur. Summarized statistical data is available for download.

The system uses the electronically submitted information from each state via forms CMS-64, CMS-37, and CMS-21 to compute the amount of Federal Financial Participation (FFP) the Agency will provide to the state to fund program operations. The MBES also stores the state’s historical budget and expenditure records for data analysis purposes.

Medicaid and CHIP Financial Product (MACFin)

The Medicaid and CHIP Financial (MACFin) product's mission is to modernize and streamline the current system and processes used in providing oversight and monitoring for the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expenditures. While modernizing and improving the dependability of the older legacy system, we are also adding new reporting functionality, automation of current manual processes, documentation upload and depository capabilities, and a focus on improving the overall user experience. This new system will be a modern, integrated product suite to manage the Medicaid and CHIP financial reporting.