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CMS-37 Medicaid Program Budget Report

The CMS-37 (PDF 81.02 KB) is a quarterly financial report submitted by the State which provides a statement of the state's Medicaid funding requirements for a certified quarter and estimates and underlying assumptions for two fiscal years (FYs) – the current FY and the budget FY. In order to receive Federal financial participation, the state must certify that the requisite matching state and local funds are, or will be, available for the certified quarter. This information is supplied to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services electronically through the Medicaid Budget and Expenditure System (MBES) and is reviewed by CMS. Based on the CMS-37 submission and subsequent review, CMS issues the state a grant award authorizing Federal funding to the state for the certified quarter. If at any time in the quarter, the state feels that it's original request for Federal funds is insufficient, it may submit a revised CMS-37 through the MBES, justifying its request and recertifying for the quarter. After review and approval, CMS issues a supplemental grant award to the State for the additional Federal funds needed.

Each state must submit a CMS-37 to CMS at least once each quarter (November 15, February 15, May 15, and August 15). The data contained in the CMS-37 provides a variety of information that is essential to CMS in determining historical expenditure and estimating trends, and in developing Federal Medicaid legislation, policy, and budgets. 

The CMS-37 (PDF 81.02 KB) is comprised of the following:

Two Fiscal Years (FYs)

  • FY1 is the current Federal fiscal year
  • FY2 is the subsequent Federal fiscal year, referred to as the budget year
  • Base year (FY1-1) data or comparisons to base year expenditures are included on some forms

Two Types of Programs

  • Medical Assistance Payments (MAP) - Program Benefits
  • Administration (ADM)

Three Types of Reporting Formats

  • Total Computable (Total Cost of the Program)
  • Federal Share (Federal Government's Cost)
  • State Share (State's Cost)

Eight Forms

  • CMS-37.1 - Quarterly Breakout for Two FYs (MAP & ADM -- Total Computable, Federal Share, and State Share)
  • CMS-37.3 - Categories of Services for Two FYs (MAP -- Total Computable & Federal Share)
  • CMS-37.7 - Estimated Average Number of Eligibles During the Year
  • CMS-37.9 - State and Local ADM Summary for Two FYs (Total Computable & Federal Share)
  • CMS-37.10 - Salaries and Expenses and Other ADM for Two FYs (Total Computable & Federal Share)
  • CMS-37.11 - Narrative Explanation of ADM Changes between Submissions & FYs
  • CMS-37.12 - Other Narrative Explanations