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Managed Care Review (MC-Review) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated: June 11, 2024

Below are some frequently asked questions from states.

  • How many state staff members can have accounts in MC-Review?
    • As many as you need. There is no limit to the number of users a state can have. Any staff who will need to view, edit, create, or send submissions for your state should have an MC-Review account.   
  • Can other state staff view and edit the submissions I create in MC-Review? 
    • Any state user with an MC-Review account can view all draft or completed submissions in MC-Review, regardless of who created the submission. 
  • I want to preview the submission form. Is there a Word document version of the online submission form? 
    • No, there is not a document version of the online submission form. If you want to preview the submission form, you may log in to MC-Review and start a draft submission to preview the form. As long as you do “submit”, CMS will not be able to view your drafts.  
  • Can I delete a draft submission I have created? 
    • No, at this time there is not the ability to delete a draft submission.
  • I am not ready to submit my submission to CMS. Can CMS see a draft submission that I create and save?
    • No, CMS is unable to see any submissions that are in ‘draft’ status.
  • Can multiple people collaborate on one submission?
    • Yes. Every individual with an account for your state has the capability to view and edit all submissions for your state.
  • I’ve sent part of my submission (like my rate certification or contract action) via email already. Should I send the rest of my submission in MC-Review?
    • No. If you've already started your submission through email, you should send the rest of it through email. You should use MC-Review to make new submissions only.
  • I received an email that CMS has unlocked my submission and requested an edit. How do I submit my edits to CMS? 
    • If your submission was submitted to CMS and was subsequently unlocked for editing, you must resubmit your edits to CMS. You can do this by navigation to the Review and Submit page and clicking “Submit”. Until you submit your edits, your edits will remain in draft mode and CMS will not be able to view your edits.
  • Should I submit my MLR reports in MC-Review?
    • You can use MC-Review to submit MLR reports for rating periods starting before July 1, 2024. For rating periods starting on or after July 1, 2024, you must use the Medicaid Data Collection Tool (MDCT) to submit MLR reports.
    • If you do submit your MLR report in MC-Review, be sure to include the MLR Excel template as a supporting document with your contract.
  • I see OneMac in the header. Is this the same OneMac portal where I can submit my SPAs and Waivers? 
    • No, to submit your SPAs and Waivers you must go to the OneMac portal here. Eventually, you will be able to log in to OneMac and visit multiple different tools, but right now you must log in to MC-Review and OneMac at separate URLs.
  • Is MDCT a separate portal?
    • Yes, MDCT is a separate portal. Log in to MDCT here.
  • Can I export my completed submission to a PDF?
    • Yes. Once you have submitted to CMS, go into the submission, go to Print and select Export to PDF to save your submission summary as a PDF.

Please contact mc_review_helpdesk@cms.hhs.gov with any other questions.