Basic Health Program (BHP)

The Basic Health Program (BHP) MAC Learning Collaborative provides a forum for discussion among states and officials from the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) for the purpose of shaping BHP guidance and supporting program implementation.

Data Collection for BHP Payment Notice

Reporting template, October 2014. Gathers data from states operating State Based Exchanges to support the determination of federal payment amounts to states that elect to establish a Basic Health Program. The BHP is federally funded by determining how much the federal government would have paid through premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions for people enrolled in BHP had they instead been enrolled via an Exchange.  

BHP Blueprint

Basic Health Plan Blueprint, October 2014. Collects a state’s program design choices, and provides a full description of program operations and management and compliance with federal rules. This is the form states must use to make an official request for certification of a Basic Health Program.

Federal Guidance

Basic Health Program Final Rule, February 2015. Covers State Administration of Basic Health Programs; Eligibility and Enrollment in Standard Health Plans; Essential Health Benefits in Standard Health Plans; Performance Standards for Basic Health Programs; Premium and Cost Sharing for Basic Health Programs; Federal Funding Process; Trust Fund and Financial Integrity.