High-Intensity Learning Collaborative

The High Intensity Learning Collaborative (HILC) was a year-long program support initiative that began in January 2015 and was designed to support a small number of states in developing the necessary policy and infrastructure changes to improve the care and outcomes for individuals with SUDs. The HILC states are Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Following the yearlong collaborative, HILC states are provided ongoing one-on-one support to continue their work.

Learn more about the HILC states and their IAP work

Topics addressed include:

  • Defining Needs and Opportunities Using Data
  • Using Data and Metrics to Track Interventions and Outcomes
  • Quality Metrics Used in the HILC
  • SUD Benefits and the SUD Care Continuum
  • Care Transitions for Individuals with SUD
  • At-Risk Populations
  • Developing Payment Strategies for SUD
  • Paying for Value in Behavioral Health