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T-MSIS Data Quality: Number of Open Top Priority Issues

This measure reports the number of open Top Priority Data Quality Issues (TPIs) in states’ Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) data submissions as of October, 2019. CMS identified twelve TPIs, in consultation with a technical expert panel, to be the highest priority for the first phase of improving T-MSIS data quality, which began in July 2017. An open TPI indicates the state has not yet resolved the data quality concern.

On August 10, 2018, CMS sent a letter to state health officials providing guidance on proposed efforts for data quality improvement and emphasizing focus on the twelve TPIs. The success of T-MSIS hinges on the reliability of these data for making informed decisions. States have access to a T-MSIS operations dashboard to check for and address T-MSIS data submission errors. In addition, CMS is providing states with data quality technical assistance to monitor and address specific data quality issues. In the future, CMS plans to expand beyond the twelve TPIs. During 2019, CMS will roll out an additional eleven TPIs to support T-MSIS data quality’s continuous improvement.