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T-MSIS Data Quality: Number of Open Priority Items

The following measures report the number of open Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) Priority Items (TPIs) in states’  T-MSIS data submissions as of July 2020. An open TPI indicates the state has not yet resolved the data quality concern. This year’s Scorecard TPI measures include:

  1. Status of TPIs: 1-12
  2. Status of TPIs: 1-23

The 2019 TPIs 1-12 were developed to assure that state T-MSIS data submissions follow fundamental system reporting requirements. These data quality issues, if left unaddressed, would adversely impact all T-MSIS data products, analytics and research activity. TPIs 1-12 focus on identifying the beneficiaries eligible for Medicaid and CHIP, and on ensuring that the services provided can be identified for each beneficiary. In addition, TPIs 1-12 identify beneficiaries enrolled in a managed care delivery system and ensure the managed care plan data elements are consistently reported. 

The 2020 TPIs 13-23 target important data elements beyond system reporting and beneficiary identification elements. They help to strengthen the reporting of beneficiary demographics and identification of service provider information.  TPIs 13-23 also provide additional consistency to beneficiary eligibility group information and coverage benefits -- including proper reporting of dual eligibles, and ensuring the completeness of key claims data elements. These TPIs support the TMSIS Analytic Files (TAF) by ensuring that necessary data elements are populated.   

The success of T-MSIS hinges on the reliability of these data for making informed decisions. States have access to a T-MSIS Operations Dashboard and the Data Quality Tool, both available on the CMS Enterprise Portal, to check for and address T-MSIS data submission errors. In addition, CMS is providing states with data quality technical assistance to monitor and address specific data quality issues.

In the future, CMS plans to continue to expand its data quality focus areas. Please refer to CMS Guidance: Overview of Data Quality T-MSIS Priority Items for more information.