Home & Community-Based Services by State

About This Measure

These data show expenditures on Home & Community-Based Services (HCBS) as a percent of total long-term services and supports (LTSS) spending by state for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2015. Medicaid covers LTSS through a range of programs and settings. Through HCBS, people receive care in their own homes and communities, instead of institutional settings. These programs serve many populations, including older adults and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, and/or mental illness.

The data in the graph should be interpreted with caution, as there are a number of data limitations. For example, data from states using managed care arrangements to provide LTSS (called MLTSS) include state estimates that were collected by the study’s researchers. Researchers requested state estimates of expenditures for the most common LTSS program authorities, but not less common authorities. In addition, not all states provided data in every year.

The red dashed line represents the median, or middle of all values.


Stem plot with a median of 51% and the states and values:

State Percent
Alaska 63%
Alabama 42%
Arkansas 52%
Arizona 70%
Colorado 65%
Connecticut 51%
Dist. of Col. 54%
Delaware 45%
Florida 33%
Georgia 47%
Hawaii 40%
Iowa 52%
Idaho 51%
Illinois 46%
Indiana 34%
Kansas 49%
Kentucky 41%
Louisiana 38%
Massachusetts 65%
Maryland 57%
Maine 55%
Michigan 40%
Minnesota 77%
Missouri 58%
Mississippi 31%
Montana 57%
North Dakota 42%
Nebraska 51%
New Hampshire 52%
New Jersey 44%
New Mexico 79%
Nevada 54%
New York 58%
Ohio 51%
Oklahoma 45%
Oregon 82%
Pennsylvania 47%
Rhode Island 57%
South Carolina 48%
South Dakota 48%
Tennessee 48%
Texas 58%
Utah 51%
Virginia 55%
Vermont 69%
Washington 68%
Wisconsin 65%
West Virginia 47%
Wyoming 49%

Source: Medicaid Expenditures for LTSS in FY2015

Notes: California and North Carolina are not included because much of their FFY 2015 LTSS was delivered through managed care. Detailed information about HCBS and institutional spending within managed care was not available.