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Use of Opioids at High Dosage in Persons Without Cancer

Opioid use is a growing concern in the United States. The opioid epidemic continues to highlight the need for both preventing inappropriate prescribing and providing access to high quality treatment.

This measure reports on adults without cancer age 18 and older who received prescriptions for opioids with a daily dosage greater than 120 morphine milligram equivalents for 90 consecutive days or longer. Lower rates are better.

High dosage opioid use by people without cancer is an indicator of potential overuse and linked to an increased risk of morbidity and mortality.

States voluntarily report on Use of Opioids at High Dosage in Persons Without Cancer (OHD-AD) as part of the Core Set of Adult Health Care Quality Measures. We have not published state performance on this measure due to a low number of states providing data during the reporting period. We expect data quality and completeness to increase in the future as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides technical assistance to states, including best practices for collecting and reporting this measure.

Measure to be included in a future Scorecard.