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Home & Community-Based Services Statewide Transition Plan Approval Status

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Home & Community Based Services Transition Plans US Map with the categories and values:

State Status
Alabama Initial Approval
Alaska Final Approval
Arizona Initial Approval
Arkansas Final Approval
California Initial Approval
Colorado Initial Approval
Connecticut Final Approval
Delaware Final Approval
District of Columbia Final Approval
Florida Initial Approval
Georgia Initial Approval
Hawaii Final Approval
Idaho Final Approval
Illinois Clarifications and/or Modifications Required for Initial Approval
Indiana Initial Approval
Iowa Initial Approval
Kansas Initial Approval
Kentucky Final Approval
Louisiana Initial Approval
Maine Initial Approval
Maryland Initial Approval
Massachusetts Clarifications and/or Modifications Required for Initial Approval
Michigan Initial Approval
Minnesota Final Approval
Mississippi Initial Approval
Missouri Initial Approval
Montana Initial Approval
Nebraska Initial Approval
Nevada Initial Approval
New Hampshire Initial Approval
New Jersey Clarifications and/or Modifications Required for Initial Approval
New Mexico Initial Approval
New York Initial Approval
North Carolina Initial Approval
North Dakota Final Approval
Ohio Final Approval
Oklahoma Final Approval
Oregon Final Approval
Pennsylvania Initial Approval
Rhode Island Initial Approval
South Carolina Final Approval
South Dakota Final Approval
Tennessee Final Approval
Texas Clarifications and/or Modifications Required for Initial Approval
Utah Final Approval
Vermont Initial Approval
Virginia Final Approval
Washington Final Approval
West Virginia Initial Approval
Wisconsin Initial Approval
Wyoming Final Approval

Source: Statewide Transition Plans

Notes: This map reflects the approval status of states’ statewide transition plans (STPs) for home and community-based services (HCBS) as of May 31, 2020. The STP is the vehicle through which states describe how they will comply with the new requirements for home and community-based settings in the HCBS final regulation published January 16, 2014. States have until March 17, 2023 to come into compliance.

All states have submitted at least one STP. Initial approval requires: (1) identification in the STP of all settings subject to the rule; (2) a systemic assessment of state statutes, regulations, and policies, necessary remediation strategies for those resources; (3) a public comment period and a summary of responses to comments received on the STP. Final approval requires: (1) a summary of completed and validated site-specific assessments, with remediation strategies and timelines for resolution; (2) a plan for identifying and evaluating those settings; (3) a process for communicating with beneficiaries who are currently in settings that cannot or will not come into compliance with the settings criteria by the end of the transition period; (4) a description of ongoing monitoring and quality assurance to ensure all settings remain in full compliance with the settings criteria. States must post the updated version of the STP for a minimum 30-day public comment period prior to final approval.

For more information about STPs and updates to approval status that occurred after May 2020, please visit the Statewide Transition Plans webpage. CMS guidance for states concerning statewide transition plans may be found here: https://www.medicaid.gov/medicaid/home-community-based-services/guidance/home-community-based-settings-requirements-compliance-toolkit/index.html.