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Annual 372(S) Reporting: Timeliness of Report Submissions

DOMAIN: Annual 372(S) Reporting: Timeliness of Report Submissions
Annual 372(S) Reporting: Timeliness of Report Submissions US Map with the categories and values
State Category
AK 100%
AL 75-99%
AR 100%
AZ No 1915(c) Waivers
CA 100%
CO 100%
CT 100%
DC 100%
DE 100%
FL 100%
GA 25-49%
HI 100%
IA 100%
ID 100%
IL 100%
IN 100%
KS 100%
KY 75-99%
LA 25-49%
MA 100%
MD 100%
ME 0-24%
MI 100%
MN 100%
MO 100%
MS 100%
MT 75-99%
NC 50-74%
ND 100%
NE 100%
NH 100%
NJ No 1915(c) Waivers
NM 100%
NV 100%
NY 50-74%
OH 100%
OK 100%
OR 100%
PA 100%
RI No 1915(c) Waivers
SC 100%
SD 75-99%
TN 100%
TX 100%
UT 100%
VA 100%
VT No 1915(c) Waivers
WA 75-99%
WI 100%
WV 100%
WY 75-99%

Source: CMCS analysis of administrative data.

Notes: Arizona, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont do not have section 1915(c) waivers. States may also provide HCBS through other federal authorities, such as Medicaid state plan services and section 1115 demonstrations.

CMS may grant a temporary extension beyond a waiver’s expiration date, which allows the state to continue delivering HCBS while a waiver renewal is pending. This measure includes reports due and submitted for waivers with temporary extensions if the reports were due during CY 2020 and takes into account states with approved Appendix K amendment flexibilities allowing for an extended due date. If a state has approved timeline flexibilities in an Appendix K, missing or late submissions are not counted late.