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*1915(c) Waiver Amendments Processing in 2020

DOMAIN: State Plan Amendment and 1915 Waiver Processing (Federal)
The 1915(c) waiver amendment graphs show processing times for non-COVID-19 related 1915(c) waiver amendments in CY 2020 only. The table below shows processing times for COVID-19 related 1915(c) amendments, referred to as Appendix Ks.
Number of Actions Approved Percentage Approved Within the First 90 Day Review Period  Median Number of Days Between Submission and Approval Median Number of Days Pending State Response to a Request for Additional Information  Median Number of Days Under CMS Review
Non-COVID-19 1915(c) Amendments 154 99% 63 28 63
COVID-19 1915(c) Amendments 416 100% 8 N/A 8