Medicaid & CHIP Total Enrollment Chart - July 2018

The chart below displays the total number of individuals enrolled in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in the current month and the period prior to the start of first Marketplace open enrollment period or “baseline” period (July – Sept. 2013). The total number of states that reported data for each period is also included. The enrollment figures are point-in-time counts (as of the last day of the month) and include only enrollees who received comprehensive benefit packages.

The June 2018 total enrollment figure above includes data from all 51 states. Among the 49 states reporting comparable enrollment data for both June 2018 and the July-September 2013 baseline period (CT and ME did not report baseline data), total Medicaid and CHIP program enrollment increased over the baseline period:

  • By nearly 28 percent for all states reporting
    • By almost 37 percent for expansion states that were covering newly eligible adults in June 2018
    • By over 10 percent for non-expansion states