Medicaid Child & CHIP Total Enrollment in August 2018*

The chart below displays the number of individuals enrolled in the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and children enrolled in the Medicaid program in the current month as compared to the number of adults enrolled in the Medicaid program. The total number of states that reported enrollment data is also included. The enrollment figures are point-in-time counts (as of the last day of the month) and include only enrollees who received comprehensive benefit packages.

Among the 48 states reporting 1) Medicaid child; 2) Medicaid adult; and 3) CHIP enrollment data for the current period, total enrollment is comprised of:

  • 50.6% Medicaid child and CHIP enrollment
  • 49.4% Medicaid adult enrollment

*The totals and percentages are calculated for only those states reporting both total Medicaid and CHIP enrollment and child enrollment data for the current period. Arizona, the District of Columbia, and Tennessee are excluded because they did not submit child enrollment data for the current period.

**States that provide coverage to pregnant women through CHIP and whose child enrollment figures include pregnant women are CO, MO, NJ, RI and VA. These adults represent only a small fraction of the total CHIP enrollment (less than 1%).