Home & Community Based Services Training Series

We presented web-based trainings related to Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) during State Operations and Technical Assistance (SOTA) calls. Recordings of these webinars, available below, focus on a variety of topics such as:

  • Home and Community Based settings requirement
  • The Heightened Scrutiny Process
  • Fiscal Integrity with a focus on Personal Care Services
  • Conflict of Interest

Home and Community Based Settings, Excluded Settings, and the Heightened Scrutiny Process – November 2015

Home and Community Based Setting Requirements: Systemic and Site-Specific Assessments and Remediation – December 2015

Conflict of Interest in Medicaid Authorities – January 2016

Monitoring Fraud, Waste, & Abuse in HCBS Personal Care Services – February 2016

Monitoring of Compliance with the Home and Community Based Settings Requirements – March 2016

Increasing Fiscal Protections for Personal Care Services – April 2016

HCBS Rule & Wandering/Exit-seeking: Part 1 – July 2016

System-Wide Person Centered Planning - May 2016

Personal Care Services Part 3: Preserving Self Direction Rights – June 2016

Ensuring the Integrity of HCBS Payments: HCBS Billing Validation Methods - December 2016

Combining & Targeting Populations Under 1915(c) – February 2018

Assisting Providers in Ensuring Settings Facilitate Community Inclusion – March 2018

Steps to Creating a Statewide Person-Centered Service Planning System - April 2018

Incident Management 101 - May 2018

Preventing Unallowable Costs in HCBS Payment Rates - June 2018

Conflict of Interest Part II and Medicaid HCBS Case Management - July 2018

The Process for Final Approval of the Statewide Transition Plan - July 2018

Estimating and Documenting Factor D in 1915(c) Waiver Applications - December 2018

Appendix J: Documenting the Basis of Factors D’, G, and G’ in 1915(c) Waiver Applications - February 2019

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies - April 2019

CURES Section 12006: Electronic Visit Verification Systems – 2 Part Series

Tennessee Statewide Transition Plan Approval- April, 2016

Statewide Transition Plan Milestones

Quality 2 Part Series

SOTA Rate Presentations

Web Only Rate Presentations

Other HCBS Fiscal Resources