Good Faith Effort Exemption Requests: State Requests

This table lists the states that have submitted electronic visit verification (EVV) good faith effort exemption requests to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). It includes the status of the state’s request, the date the request was submitted, and the date the request was approved (if applicable). The table is updated every two weeks. Please note that if a state is absent from this table it means they have not submitted a request. View more information about the good faith effort exemption request process.

State Status Submission Date Approval Date
Alabama Approved 07/25/2019 08/23/2019
Alaska Pending 08/22/2019
Arkansas Pending 08/30/2019
Colorado Pending 09/05/2019
Connecticut Pending 08/16/2019
District of Columbia Pending 08/06/2019
Idaho Pending 09/04/2019
Iowa Approved 07/16/2019 08/23/2019
Kentucky Pending 06/26/2019
Maine Pending 08/19/2019
Missouri Pending 08/01/2019
Rhode Island Approved 07/10/2019 08/23/2019
Texas Approved 08/02/2019 09/05/2019
Vermont Pending 09/04/2019
West Virginia Approved 07/03/2019 08/19/2019
Wisconsin Approved 07/01/2019 08/19/2019