MITA Governance

To provide strategic direction and tactical oversight for the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA), we established the MITA Governance Board on December 14, 2016 through the MITA Governance Charter. The Board is a cohesive, effective group that will ensure MITA continues evolving to support states’ maturity needs and provide a common Medicaid business and information technology (IT) framework for states and vendors.

What is the Board’s Role?

  •  Brings needed expertise to address business, technical, and information gaps in the current framework
  • Partners and builds strong relationships with the Medicaid community and other entities to maintain cross-stakeholder representation
  • Provides an agile approach to making timely updates to MITA

How is the Board Structured?

MITA, MITA BOARD, MITA GOVERNANCE BOARD STRUCTURE includes CMCS management, MITA board members, and working groups.

The MITA Governance Board is organized into three tiers.

  • Centers for Medicaid & CHIP Services (CMCS) Management provides executive-level oversight and strategic guidance for the board.
  • The MITA Governance Board is a voluntary body of Medicaid IT thought-leaders who provide MITA enhancement recommendations. This consists of identifying, prioritizing, and referring significant MITA evolution opportunities to CMCS management to help establish working groups as needed.
  • Working Groups play a critical role in the delivery of MITA enhancement projects. Working Group participants are made up of current board members  and multidisciplinary groups of people who represent the Medicaid IT community. These individuals volunteer to be collectively responsible for delivering defined products or services in support of the MITA framework.

Selection Process

We seek candidates from targeted MITA stakeholders’ organizations and fill board vacancies as needed. Interested candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by a member of a MITA stakeholder organization for a MITA Governance Board position. The CMCS management team will review all nominations and will accept or defer applications.

Board Requirements

Board members are asked to serve on a voluntary basis for approximately two years. Board members are also expected to dedicate four to eight hours per month to prepare and participate in governance activities and meetings. If Board members are unable to participate, it is expected that members will designate someone who can dedicate the time to participate and fulfill their assignment set forth by the Board.

For more information, please contact the MITA Governance Board, use subject MITA Governance.