MITA Governance

The Center for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Services (CMCS) Data and Systems Group (DSG) is pleased to announce the establishment of a structure for Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) Governance.

On December 14, 2016, the Director of Division of State Systems, DSG, CMCS, CMS operationalized the new MITA Governance structure. This new MITA Governance initiative consists of reviewing the current MITA framework components and identifying areas for improving and advancing the Medicaid information technology (IT) enterprise. It provides guidance on, and oversight of, the architecture and processes that can enable improved program administration for the Medicaid enterprise. It also stays current with legislation, evolves in a controlled manner, responds to stakeholder requests, and balance the needs of various stakeholders.

Governance Structure

MITA Governance is organized into three tiers to support enhancements to the MITA framework.

CMCS Management

The governing body of MITA Governance provides executive-level oversight and strategic guidance for the MITA Governance Board. Documents decisions, priorities, acceptance, implementation, assignments, and resolution of directed actions.

MITA Governance Board

Board members are a representation of the MITA stakeholders community. Voluntary body primarily asked to identify, prioritize, and refer significant MITA evolution opportunities to CMCS management; and help to identify and establish working groups as needed.

The board consists of up to 12 individual members and two alternates with expertise in issues related to Medicaid, Medicaid IT, Medicaid claims processing, and Medicaid provider operations, and individuals with expertise in software-intensive systems requirements elucidation, design, architecture, development, integration, implementation, testing, operations, and maintenance. These board members are a representation of the MITA stakeholders’ community.

These members identify improvement opportunities and make sound and timely individual operational recommendations to facilitate CMCS decision making, acceptance, and implementation. These members select working groups to review or complete specific priorities.

Working Groups

Working groups play a critical role in the delivery of MITA enhancement projects. They are multidisciplinary groups of people who volunteer to be collectively responsible for delivering defined products or services in support of the MITA framework.

Selection Process

CMS seeks candidates from targeted MITA stakeholders’ organizations. Candidates may nominate themselves, or a MITA stakeholder organization point of contact may pick a candidate. CMS review candidates and then selects them for board positions based on their qualifications and ratings.

Other Reference Materials

Download the materials below for more details about the MITA Governance Board.

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