Coordination with Affordable Insurance Exchanges

The Affordable Care Act creates a system of coverage between Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Affordable Insurance Exchanges. This system enables individuals and families to apply for coverage using a single application and have their eligibility determined for all insurance affordability programs through one simple process.In order to achieve this goal, federal funding is provided through a variety of venues to help states improve their eligibility and enrollment systems.

Areas of interest under this provision:

Medicaid, CHIP, and Exchange Eligibility and Enrollment: Creating a simple streamlined system of affordable coverage between Medicaid, CHIP, and Affordable Insurance Exchanges.

Eligibility Determination and Enrollment Systems: Providing federal funding to streamline and upgrade Medicaid eligibility systems to assure a simple and seamless enrollment experience for consumers who qualify for Medicaid or who are shopping for health insurance in Affordable Insurance Exchanges.