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Value-Based Payment Technical Support Opportunity for States plus 2018 Disability Competent Care Webinar Series

Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program

Value-Based Payment and Financial Simulations New Technical Support Opportunity for States

Expression of Interest Form due April 13, 2018

The Medicaid Innovation Accelerator Program’s Value-Based Payment (VBP) and Financial Simulation functional area is launching an 12-month technical support opportunity for up to 10 states seeking to design, develop, and implement Value-Based Payment approaches (i.e. payment models that range from rewarding for performance in Fee-for-Service to capitation, including alternative payment models and comprehensive population-based payments).

Selected states will have the opportunity to work with VBP and financial simulation experts through individualized technical support and state-to-state learning activities. This technical support opportunity is open to states at all levels of experience and progress in developing a VBP approach. 

Review the Program Overview (PDF 146.07 KB) and Information Session Slides (PDF 2.17 MB). Interested states are asked to complete and email the Expression of Interest (DOCX, 67.03 KB) (MS Word 67.03 KB) by April 13, 2018.

Upcoming Calls and Webinars

2018 Disability Competent Care Webinar Series

Time/Date: Weekly on Wednesdays from 2-3pm ET, March 14, 2018- April 4, 2018

This series is intended to aid providers and health care professionals in improving the delivery of care to persons with disabilities.  Individuals with disabilities enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid are at higher risk for poor health outcomes when compared to individuals without disabilities.1  This seven-part series will explore key concepts of the Disability-Competent Care (DCC) model and how organizations can best implement these concepts to empower providers and participants with disabilities to best meet their care needs.

Managing Transitions with Adults with Disabilities, March 28, 2018

This webinar will describe the challenges participants with disabilities experience as they face care settings transitions and steps that providers can take to help empower participants to make informed decisions and improve care outcomes during these transitions. The presentation will help health plans and health systems prepare for successful transitions using innovative approaches to improve the participant experience, increase the quality of care, and build relationships with local and community-based care settings.

Building Partnerships: Health Plans and Community-based Organizations, April 4, 2018

This webinar will explore the benefits of partnerships between health plans and community-based organizations to establish a network with local leadership and support community integration for persons with disabilities. This webinar will highlight how one Center for Independent Living has created such a partnership program in Southern Colorado, with services to engage participants and improve their integration in the local community.

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