Medicaid and CHIP Program Portal

Welcome to the Medicaid and CHIP Program Portal. CMS has been working to develop the Medicaid and CHIP Program system, which will make the process of modifying State Plans, Demonstrations and Waivers more streamlined, efficient, and transparent for state partners and researchers.

Please see links below for the currently available systems and documents to apply for a change to the State Medicaid Plan, Waivers and Demonstrations.

CMS Medicaid and CHIP Program Systems

Medicaid Model Data Lab

For more information on fillable PDFs see fillable PDF repository

Apply for Changes to the State plan:

Reports on Medicaid program administration/implementation:

  • Balancing Incentive Programs
  • Recovery Audit Contractors
  • Medicaid Payment Suspension Reporting

MMDL Guidance Resource

Waiver Management Systems

§1915(c) and  §1915(b) Waiver Applications, and 372 Reports

Waiver Guidance Resource


The Medicaid and Budget Expenditures System (MBES) allows for states to enter their Medicaid and CHIP budget expenditures needed for each fiscal period in addition to the actual quarterly expenditures that occur.

More information on MBES


Survey and Certification/Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment system (SC/CLIA) is a web-based application administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The primary activity of the SC/CLIA application is to capture expenses incurred by the States for survey activities that determine whether providers meet applicable requirements for participation in the Medicare, Medicaid and CLIA programs. Access to this system is only available to authorized State, CMS Regional Office and CMS Central Office users and requires a valid CMS user id.

Medicaid and CHIP Learning Collaborative

Federal and state partners establishing a robust working relationship to achieve high-performing state health coverage programs.

More information on MAC Learning Collaboratives

ESPC Database

Environmental Scanning and Program Characteristics (ESPC) Database is in a Microsoft (MS) Access database that contains Medicaid and CHIP data, for the 50 states and District of Columbia.

ESPC User Guide