State Toolbox: Federally Facilitated Marketplace Eligibility and Enrollment

This section includes materials from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace Eligibility and Enrollment MAC Collaborative, which is working with states that are interfacing both technically and operationally with the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for eligibility and enrollment functions. Consumers in FFM and State Partnership (SPM) states have the option to apply for Insurance Affordability Programs (Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program [CHIP] and Premium Tax Credits) through the Medicaid and CHIP agency’s streamlined application or through the FFM, requiring close coordination between states and the FFM.

Many additional resources developed through this collaborative are available to state officials through the Collaborative Application Lifecycle Tool (CALT).


  • Simplified, Real-Time Verification Issue Brief  April 2013  As states navigate the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirement for coordinated eligibility and enrollment systems and real-time verifications, this brief outlines state lessons for designing Medicaid and CHIP verification policies and procedures. It details the experiences of Oklahoma, Oregon, and Louisiana to help additional states in developing streamlined eligibility and enrollment pathways that achieve administrative efficiencies, improve consumers’ experience, and facilitate timely access to coverage and health care consistent with the ACA.